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9 Simple DIY Home Projects

It’s around springtime when the days are getting longer and we’re feeling full of energy that we’re more likely to take on some DIY projects around the home. Sprucing up the home doesn’t need to cost a fortune, especially if you’re really investing in the DIY ethos! Here are a few of our favourite DIY projects for 2018 that will satisfy your home renovation cravings this Spring… 1. Bookshelf Ladders Paint two sets of ladders in a colour to match your decor, then lay wooden planks across the rungs to... Read More

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Xmas Schedule: FREE Shipping Day!

Left your festive shipping until the last minute? We’ve all been there! Santa Claus may not be able to save you, but Leader Stores can. I’m betting that you will want to ensure that your home looks the best it can for your guests this Christmas. Everyone deserves to be proud of their home, which is why here at Leader Stores, we want to help you along the way. Whether your presents are already wrapped and nestled safely under the tree, or you’re a last minute panic buyer (like me!),... Read More

Keep your garden healthy in a heatwave 22/05/2017

Keep Your Garden Healthy in a Heatwave

We always pray for a heatwave in summer so we can get outside and enjoy the warmth in our garden, but heatwaves can also be pretty damaging if you don’t take proper care of your garden! Water, and plenty of it! Plants need access to water to keep them strong and able to fight off any garden pests and diseases. Hydrating your plants requires can require as much or as little time as you like. If you have time, try hand watering your plants using a hose or watering can.... Read More


Get Social! Follow Leader Stores.

There is lots of ways you can stay in touch with Leader Stores, whether you’ve purchased from us before, or have just happened to ‘stumble’ across our website when looking for something new for your home or garden. To get a fantastic view of our products and services why not stay in touch via our various social media platforms available to anyone! Each day we post regular business updates, including; product news, sales and exclusive offers, website features, service updates and even general office news… Stay in the know and... Read More

Don't Let The Snow Beat You This Winter! 13/01/2017

Don’t Let The Snow Beat You This Winter!

Everyone loves the snow… Don’t they? Snowball fights in the park, sledging on a nearby hill and snowmen, what’s not to like. Despite all the positives, there’s a darker side to snowy weather conditions, and actually, you don’t have to look very far to find that not everyone is as excited waking up to a blanket of snow as most people are. Snow is a delivery drivers nightmare (trust us, we know they hate it!), with even small amounts bringing transport networks throughout the United Kingdom to a halt and often causing... Read More


We Want You!

We’d love you, our most valued web customers, to let us know how well we did with your order. As the new year is here, we’ve looked back on 2016 with fond memories, and we hope you can do the same. This is why we’d love to hear how your experience shopping with our online store was. The new year has just begun, and as ever, we know that our trusted customers are busy planning their next project. Whether you’re looking for Doors, Flooring or anything else for the Home... Read More

Living Room Colour Scheme Title 26/05/2016

On Trend Colour Schemes: Living Room

Here at Leader Stores we understand the need to keep your furnishings and decor on trend, so we’ve put together a short guide to some of the most popular colour trends for the most important room in your house – the living room! Enjoy this colour palette inspiration and start planning your home renovations!  


Living Room Layouts with Leader Stores

Most people will spend the majority of their time at home in their living room, but did you know that you can easily optimise your living space to benefit your needs? We’ve put together a guide to some basic living room layouts to make sure you’re getting the most out of your home.

2016 Fireworks 26/01/2016

Keep To Your Resolutions with Leader Stores

Sticking to your New Year’s resolutions always seems easier right at the beginning of January, but did you know that most resolutions don’t even last a week? Here at Leader Stores we don’t like to quit so easily and we don’t think you should too! Some of the most common resolutions can be easily kept with just a few simple home adjustments. We’ve got resolution-keeping ideas for all areas of your home, from the bathroom to the kitchen and even the bedroom. Stay strong, keep your resolve and let Leader... Read More

New Years Eve 28/12/2015
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New Year, New you?

Everyone likes a good old-fashioned makeover at the beginning of a New Year.  This year, instead of your hair or makeup, why not give your home a new look? Where to start? First of all, decide if you want a total overhaul, or if you just want to make a few minor changes to your home. After all, a few little things can add up to a big difference! Total overhaul If you’re feeling brave, we offer a range of options to help you give your home a major makeover!... Read More