Bouclè: The Textile of 2021

What is Bouclé? Bouclé is the ultimate trend in the current interior world, creeping up in many of the most aesthetically pleasing Instagram home accounts of 2021. French for ‘loop’, Bouclé is a durable material characterised by its fleecy texture and cosy appeal. It’s a trend resurrected from 1948, when Florence Knoll briefed architect Eero Saarinen to create “a chair that was like a basket of pillows – something she could really curl up in.” How to style Bouclé: Whether you’re looking for a cosy chair or full‑sized sofa, Leader... Read More

Living room seating 01/04/2020
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How much seating should be in your living room?

Getting the right balance between having enough seats for guests and not overcrowding your living room is a difficult task. Think about it,  if you were to host a dinner party, how many people could you fit in your living room?  Before you start to panic, the answer to how many seats you should have in your living room isn’t a fixed number, it all depends on a number of factors but a good rule to follow is… Number of living room seats ≥ Number of dining room seats  Let’s... Read More