Storage For Small Spaces 10/12/2019

Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

If you’re heading into the new year and want that fresh start feeling, why wait until Spring for a good clean? Tidying your home doesn’t just mean bringing home armfuls of cleaning products; you’d be surprised how much fresher your home looks if you simply weed out what items you do and don’t need and place the rest in specially designed storage!  Often we think of storage as taking up unnecessary amounts of space, but no matter what size your home, there are plenty of storage tricks you can use... Read More

When to take Christmas decorations down 02/12/2019

When To Take Your Christmas Decorations Down

Us Brits adore Christmas, and one of our favourite Christmas traditions is hosting a Christmas tree in our homes and decorating it (and the rest of the house!) for the season. When it’s appropriate to have your Christmas decorations up is hotly debated, with some setting up their Christmas decorations as early as October or early November and others only interested in having a Christmas tree for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. However, the rules around when to take your Christmas decorations down are a little more concrete. This is... Read More

How to store vinyl records 25/11/2019

How To Look After And Store Vinyl Records

There’s something incredibly satisfying about listening to a record. Records offer a sense of nostalgia like no other, with record players making a bold comeback and taking pride of place in modern homes all around the world. However, unlike mp3s or the online music streaming devices we’ve become used to, records take some looking after – just the tiniest bit of damage and your beloved tunes can quickly become unlistenable! The right care, storage and cleaning, therefore, is vital to keep your favourite records sounding their best for much longer. ... Read More