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Introducing Inspired Living

A new & exclusive Luxury Garden Furniture brand, only available here at Leader Stores. Inspired Living is a high end range of furniture that’s built with an emphasis on quality, style and durability. Offering a unique selection of Garden Furniture that you won’t find anywhere else. Unmatched craftsmanship, using high grade materials that will stand the test of time, all year round, no matter the weather. A brand that will exceed all your Garden Furniture expectations and provide quality pieces that you, your family and friends will love. Relax with... Read More

How to Care for Rattan Furniture 26/03/2018

How to Care for Rattan Furniture

When choosing a rattan garden furniture set, maintenance is likely one of the biggest deciding factors you’ll have to consider. Rattan garden sets are fantastic for transforming your garden into a comfortable and social space to be enjoyed by friends and family, as well as improving the appearance. However, we understand that you don’t want to have to spend all year caring for and cleaning your rattan garden set. It’s important that you find the balance between functionality, visual appeal and the practicality of maintenance. We have some good news... Read More

Top 5 Benefits of Rattan Furniture 25/03/2018

Top 5 Benefits of Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture is one of the most popular choices of garden furniture for the many benefits it offers. While you may love the appearance of rattan furniture, you may not know all of the many wonderful benefits that rattan garden furniture can offer you. We’ve put together an in-depth look at the top 5 benefits of rattan furniture, plus a handy checklist to help you make your decision when shopping for rattan furniture! Comfortable Rattan Furniture When looking for rattan garden furniture, there are many things to consider, but one... Read More

Metal Garden Furniture at Leader Stores 04/08/2017

Have You Seen Our New Metal Garden Furniture?

We think that one of the best perks of summer is being able to sit out and enjoy the sunshine in your garden. While we’re huge fans of rattan furniture, we’ve also recently been dabbling in something new: metal garden furniture. A complete change from rattan, metal garden furniture offers heaps of style while still being a comfortable seating option for making the most of the summer months. What we love most about our metal garden furniture is the designer, shabby-chic style that it offers. Design trends have really turned... Read More

6 Ways to Enjoy Your Garden On a Rainy Day 08/06/2017

6 Ways to Enjoy Your Garden On a Rainy Day

We know that the British weather isn’t always reliable. Chances are, you’ve prepped for a sun-filled summer and have been let down by days and days of rain. Typical, isn’t it! Well, we’re used to tackling the wetter weather here in the UK, so we’re not going to let a bit of rain get in the way of our fun, are we? There’s plenty of ways to keep enjoying your garden, even on a rainy day. Take a look at some of our top recommendations! Create Shelter Our favourite poor-weather... Read More

7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Garden 08/06/2017

7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Garden

You should always try to get the most out of your garden while the weather’s decent, and it can easily be improved upon even with a really small budget! We’ve put together a list of our favourite simple and effective ways to improve your garden this summer… Plenty of Colour Your garden should be bursting with colour! Bold is better when it comes to your garden, making it visually appealing and a treat for you and your family to be in. Choose colourful flowers, bold plant pots, and even consider... Read More

How To Create A Family Space In Your Garden 22/05/2017

Create a Family Space in Your Garden

For families, the garden can be a wonderful space for everyone in the family to come together and enjoy the sunshine, or enjoy their own pursuits from the comfort and privacy of their shared outdoor space. However, an empty garden doesn’t inspire much fun in adults or kids alike! There are a few simple ways you can turn your garden into a family space, after all the garden should be more of an extra outdoor room in your home, and we’ve listed our favourites below. 1. Wildlife Area Both kids... Read More


Our Top 8 Reasons To Choose… Richmond Verano Rattan Garden & Patio Furniture

This Summer. New Garden. 100+ Choices. Only One decision. Choosing a brand new piece of garden furniture for your home can be something of a minefield when buying online. With the rise of online shopping, there’s now thousands upon thousands of sellers, all with their own “bargain” deals, which at first glance can seem too good to miss. We’ve all been guilty of purchasing something without actually really understanding what you’re going to get, but don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a drama. With new stock arriving daily for... Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Verano Garden Furniture 31/07/2015

Everything you need to know about the Richmond Verano Rattan Furniture Range

The Richmond Verano Collection is our first choice in garden furniture, carefully designed and manufactured to our own standards and specifications, as an original brand of Leader Stores. Where Does It All Begin? It all starts right at the drawing board, with shapes, colours and materials all leading to the final design and aesthetics of the finished product. Once we are happy with the pre-production stage, designs are sent to an overseas manufacturing plant to be developed. From top to bottom, all of our Verano Furniture Sets are hand woven... Read More