Create a Family Space in Your Garden

How To Create A Family Space In Your Garden

For families, the garden can be a wonderful space for everyone in the family to come together and enjoy the sunshine, or enjoy their own pursuits from the comfort and privacy of their shared outdoor space.

However, an empty garden doesn’t inspire much fun in adults or kids alike! There are a few simple ways you can turn your garden into a family space, after all the garden should be more of an extra outdoor room in your home, and we’ve listed our favourites below.

1. Wildlife Area

Both kids and parents should seize the opportunity to invite more nature into their lives and explore it as it happens around them. Simple steps such as installing a bird bath or bird feeder, or a pond with fish in can keep children busy for hours watching the animals and insects around them.

2. Play Area

A designated play area in your garden should help to stop your kids from running riot through your prized flowerbeds. Setting up a playhouse for them to make believe in, or even a swing set to keep the preoccupied and away from any areas of the garden you really want to keep kid-free will be a great distraction that they’ll love to play in.

3. Seating Area

One for the adults more than the kids, why not treat yourself to a rattan sofa set to relax on in the sun with a pitcher of something cool next to you on the table. Our rattan sofa sets seat four in case you wanted to invite your friends round for a chat in the sunshine.

4. Dining Area

Eating together as a family is important, and shouldn’t change just because you’re outdoors! With one of our rattan dining sets, that extend from four and six seaters to eight and twelve seaters thanks to the storable cube stools, you can seat the full family in your garden to enjoy a home cooked meal or even a BBQ!  

5. Planting Area

Kids love seeing things grow, so planting some simple veg in a designated section of your garden will keep them interested in the outdoors and, if you’re really good at keeping on top of caring for those plants, you might even get some decent veg out of it!

Once you’ve got your family friendly garden set up, remember you can always sit back and enjoy the family space you’ve created from one of our rattan cube sets at Leader Stores – read more about our rattan garden furniture in our rattan garden furniture buying guide.

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