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Bouclè: The Textile of 2021

What is Bouclé? Bouclé is the ultimate trend in the current interior world, creeping up in many of the most aesthetically pleasing Instagram home accounts of 2021. French for ‘loop’, Bouclé is a durable material characterised by its fleecy texture and cosy appeal. It’s a trend resurrected from 1948, when Florence Knoll briefed architect Eero Saarinen to create “a chair that was like a basket of pillows – something she could really curl up in.” How to style Bouclé: Whether you’re looking for a cosy chair or full‑sized sofa, Leader... Read More

Living room seating 01/04/2020
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How much seating should be in your living room?

Getting the right balance between having enough seats for guests and not overcrowding your living room is a difficult task. Think about it,  if you were to host a dinner party, how many people could you fit in your living room?  Before you start to panic, the answer to how many seats you should have in your living room isn’t a fixed number, it all depends on a number of factors but a good rule to follow is… Number of living room seats ≥ Number of dining room seats  Let’s... Read More


9 Simple DIY Home Projects

It’s around springtime when the days are getting longer and we’re feeling full of energy that we’re more likely to take on some DIY projects around the home. Sprucing up the home doesn’t need to cost a fortune, especially if you’re really investing in the DIY ethos! Here are a few of our favourite DIY projects for 2018 that will satisfy your home renovation cravings this Spring… 1. Bookshelf Ladders Paint two sets of ladders in a colour to match your decor, then lay wooden planks across the rungs to... Read More


5 Tips to Make Your DIY Bedroom Remodel Easy

Whether you’re simply doing it to increase the overall value and aesthetic of your home, or a combination of the two, a DIY bedroom remodel can be a fun adventure. It can also go awry if you’re not careful. Here are some tips to ensure your attempt at it goes smoothly. Opt for improvements that don’t involve a sledgehammer If your heart is set on knocking out a wall or two and creating a true master suite, then do it. But for a lot of DIY’ers, the less demo the... Read More


Introducing the Corona Vintage collection

Our new Corona Vintage range combines a stylish grey wax finish with vibrant up-cycled paint effect tops. Each coloured top piece is made from rough sawn wood which is sanded to a smooth finish before colour is applied and then distressed by hand. Finally, the top pieces are tongue & groove jointed together to give the plank painted effect. Our vintage range is fashionable and affordable, and brings a fresh perspective to our Corona collection. The Coffee table The centre of attention in the living room. Perfect for your magazines,... Read More

Leather Sofa 15/03/2016

Our Guide to Buying Leather Furniture

Choosing leather furniture can be a fantastic way to add rustic charm and traditional value to your home. Leather furniture can be enjoyed throughout a variety of different home styles, from farmhouse rustic to victoriana traditional and even eclectic modern. Whatever the style of your home, leather furniture is a great way to add a touch of class and long lasting luxury to your home. Here at Leader Stores, we have a fantastic selection of leather sofas that are perfect for adding to your living room or other living space,... Read More

New Years Eve 28/12/2015
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New Year, New you?

Everyone likes a good old-fashioned makeover at the beginning of a New Year.  This year, instead of your hair or makeup, why not give your home a new look? Where to start? First of all, decide if you want a total overhaul, or if you just want to make a few minor changes to your home. After all, a few little things can add up to a big difference! Total overhaul If you’re feeling brave, we offer a range of options to help you give your home a major makeover!... Read More

Christmas fireplace 15/12/2015
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Christmas Is Coming – Is Your Home Ready?

Give your home a trouble-free makeover this winter with Leader Stores. Time and money are scarce in the run up to Santa’s visit, so why not try a few of our ideas to add a hint of Christmas magic to your home? Cosy up with a brand new rug A rug will add a cosy touch to your home. It’s an ideal focal point for almost any room, and makes a great surface for your young relatives to play with their new toys on! Leader Stores stock rugs that to... Read More

Why Shop, The Outlet? | Leader Stores 11/09/2015
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Why Shop The Leader Stores Outlet?

When thinking of shopping online, what comes to mind? Bargains. And because we all know that everyone loves a bargain, We at Leader Stores strive to offer the biggest & best bargains online. With a huge dedicated section online, The Outlet offers some of the top brands at affordable prices. How is this possible you may ask, How are these top of the range products so cheap? Well we are here to explain, Why Shop The Outlet? What Is ‘The Outlet’? Our outlet is a section of the website where you can... Read More

quality UK furniture 02/09/2015

Good home products to buy in preparation for autumn

We’ve reached the time of year when summer is winding down and autumn is waiting in the wings to take its place. Whether you love the warmth and sun or are delighted to see the back of them, the increasingly austere weather could certainly influence your buying decisions. Here are our tips for what products from Leader Stores could be especially worthwhile for the more subdued season.