Our Guide to Buying Leather Furniture

Leather Sofa

Choosing leather furniture can be a fantastic way to add rustic charm and traditional value to your home. Leather furniture can be enjoyed throughout a variety of different home styles, from farmhouse rustic to victoriana traditional and even eclectic modern. Whatever the style of your home, leather furniture is a great way to add a touch of class and long lasting luxury to your home. Here at Leader Stores, we have a fantastic selection of leather sofas that are perfect for adding to your living room or other living space, and because we understand leather sofas, we also understand the processes that should go into choosing a leather sofa for your home. We’ve put together a quick guide to choosing the right leather furniture for your home.

#1 Set the Tone of Your Home

Are you looking for timeless sophistication? A touch of modern chic? Or something truly suave to impress your guests? Leather furniture is versatile and can be used to suit a multitude of styles. Just bear in mind which style you’re going for before you start browsing.

#2 Consider Care Tips

Leather is notoriously easy to look after, easily shrugging off any potential damage from spills and stains. However, if you want your leather furniture to last even longer, you can make sure that you dust and hoover the leather regularly, occasionally (approximately every 6 months) spray with specialist cleaning polishes and use treatment creams. Make sure any spills are mopped up with a damp cloth. Easy upkeep, but you have to be committed to a care routine.

#3 Choose the Type of Leather

There are so many different types of leather, all offering the same high quality look and feel, but the type of leather you’ll choose is entirely down to individual preference. Here at Leader Stores, our selection of leather sofas is made with faux leather.

Faux leather is a highly stylish yet cost effective leather furniture option. Just as durable and luxurious to the feel as real leather, faux leather is water and scratch resistant, making upkeep even easier. Available in traditional and contemporary designs and colours, we find that our customers prefer faux leather for the low cost and ease of maintenance.

However, if you’re set on the real deal, there’s a few common types of leather to look out for when choosing a leather sofa. Full grain leather offers unique and subtle variations which makes for distinctive furniture with character. Corrected grain leather is buffed to a glossy finish which makes it extra resilient and easy to clean. Suede is the most luxurious of the leathers, offering a brushed and velvet finish that could fool you into thinking it’s fabric!

We hope that these tips help you to choose the right leather furniture for your home.

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