9 Simple DIY Home Projects

It’s around springtime when the days are getting longer and we’re feeling full of energy that we’re more likely to take on some DIY projects around the home. Sprucing up the home doesn’t need to cost a fortune, especially if you’re really investing in the DIY ethos!

Here are a few of our favourite DIY projects for 2018 that will satisfy your home renovation cravings this Spring…

1. Bookshelf Ladders
Paint two sets of ladders in a colour to match your decor, then lay wooden planks across the rungs to create instant makeshift bookshelves that’ll look quirky and work as a statement design piece in any room.

2. Shoe Hangers

Transform any wire hangers by cutting away the bottom of the hanger and twisting the remaining sides upwards – you can easily hook the toes of your shoes over each new ‘arm’ and then store them neatly in your wardrobe.

3. Window Shutter Letter Holders

Louvre doors are versatile, but this DIY project creates a whole new use for them! Fix a louvre door to the wall with the slats pointing upwards, and easily slot your letters and post in between the shutters for a unique and stylish way to sort your post.

4. Blackboard Mirrors

Transform a framed mirror into a blackboard for your kitchen by painting the outer frame in your desired colour, then painting over the glass with a thick layer of chalkboard paint – instant fancy chalkboard!

5. Wallpaper Dresser

Perhaps you’ve spotted the perfect dresser but think it needs that extra touch of individuality? Update your furniture by applying wallpaper to the front of the drawers for a simple yet effective design upcycle.

6. Mason Jar Organiser

A great way to organise bathroom accessories such as cotton wool balls or flossing sticks, mason jar organisers are easy to make and are an organiser’s dream. Take a selection of mason jars, screw hose clamps to a piece of wood at even intervals, then simply fit your mason jars to the wood using the hose clamps.

7. Metallic Plant Pots

Create on-trend plant pots for your herbs and windowsill plants simply by spray painting ordinary tins. Save up smaller tins from your store cupboard, or hang on to larger tins from the garage then simply spray in an on-trend metallic such as copper to create your brand new plant pots.

8. Wine Table

Take two wooden stools and stack one on top of the other. Create a hole big enough to hold a wine bottle in the top surface and cut grooves big enough to hang a wine glass from on the bottom layer – you’ll now have a table that can hold your bottle of wine safely to prevent spills and somewhere to keep easy-access wine glasses.

9. Spice Rack Shelves

Spice racks can hold so much more than spices! Fix spice racks to your walls and use them as shelving for books, pictures, anything you can think of. Make sure to paint the spice racks a colour to suit the room first

Before you start creating these DIY additions to your home, make sure you have your key pieces of furniture in your home first! Browse our full collection of home furniture at Leader Stores to discover contemporary furniture perfect for your home.

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