Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

If you’re heading into the new year and want that fresh start feeling, why wait until Spring for a good clean? Tidying your home doesn’t just mean bringing home armfuls of cleaning products; you’d be surprised how much fresher your home looks if you simply weed out what items you do and don’t need and place the rest in specially designed storage! 

Often we think of storage as taking up unnecessary amounts of space, but no matter what size your home, there are plenty of storage tricks you can use to make the most of your space in every room!

Shelving Is Key

While bookcases are, of course, perfect for storing books and other media, they’re actually a lot more versatile than you may think! Many modern bookshelves are so minimalist that they’re actually easy to style as simple shelving units; meaning you can fit them in spaces such as the kitchen to be used as a pantry, the garage to hold all kinds of tools and appliances, and even the bathroom to keep your essential toiletries in order. 

To prevent your bookshelves/shelving units from becoming too cluttered, we recommend using baskets and boxes to divide everything up. For example, a shelving unit installed in a utility room could have separate baskets for shoes, scarves and gloves, and even handy items such as de-icer for the car so you can grab them as you leave the house!

Make The Most Of Your Downstairs Cupboard

The cupboard under the stairs is often a wasted space used for little else than piling in coats and shoes, but with a few small adjustments, you’ll be able to get much more out of this space. Firstly, take a look at the back of the door; adding some clips or hooks can make it easier to hang essential items such as keys, brooms, hats or any other quick-grab items. 

If you keep your shoes under the stairs, consider installing a shelving unit along the tallest wall – or if there’s no straight wall available, build your own with a series of storage cubes so you can easily see which shoes are available at a glance. 

No shoes? No problem! The very same ideas apply to using your downstairs cupboard as a cleaning cupboard. If you’re a big hincher, separate your cleaning products into boxes then place them on shelving or in cubes for easy access.

Utilise Nooks and Crannies

Without realising it, there are plenty of nooks and crannies around your home that could be used to your advantage! For example, you could use furniture board to create behind-the-headboard shelving to remove the need for bedside tables, or in the bathroom why not make the most of your under-sink space with a vanity sink unit?

Upstyle Your Walls

If you’re struggling for floor space, one of the simplest solutions is to use your walls instead. Many shelving units can be installed floor to ceiling and don’t encroach on floor space as much as a sideboard would, meaning you can transform your walls into essential storage.

Really want to avoid taking up floor space? Try floating cupboards instead. These cupboards don’t have to be reserved for the kitchen, many rooms in the home such as a study or bedroom can benefit from floating cupboards leaving floor space free for essential furniture items such as seating or dining space. 

Think High As Well As Low

Just as installing floating cupboards can keep floor space free, installing shelving around areas such as door frames can bring huge space-saving benefits. Whether you achieve this with cube storage or slim units, making the most of a space that would usually go unnoticed can actually be a design feature as well as a perfect storage solution for a smaller space.

Remember Your Alcoves

If you have a chimney installed in your home, chances are that you’ll have alcoves in rooms such as the living room, kitchen or bedroom where the fireplace or chimney breast protrude. Make the most of these recessed spaces by fitting an ottoman or a chest of drawers into the floor space, and placing shelving higher up the walls which can either be used for practical or decorative purposes.

If you won’t feel the benefit of extra storage or seating in your alcove, why not transform it into a study area? Alcoves are the perfect width and depth to take a desk and you can still use the high shelving method to store your home office essentials!

Alcoves in spaces like the bedroom can still be used! You could fit a dresser into the space, or why not fit your wardrobes around the area? The chimney breast itself may still be able to accommodate a shallow wardrobe or cupboard.

Try Storage On Wheels

In smaller homes, not all storage can be out on the floor and readily available. For those items that you only need occasionally, why not store them in an easy to access wheeled trolley that can be stored away in a cupboard or under a desk until you need it? Things like craft supplies or even cocktail making accessories can be loaded up on a trolley until you need them, then when you do, they’re all in one easy to grab area! 

Snap Up Room Under Your Windows

We often don’t use the space under our windows, but they can be a great place for an ottoman or, if you have slightly higher windows, a sideboard – the sideboard brings additional storage, while the ottoman provides storage while doubling up as a relaxing seating area for you to enjoy the view from your window.

Organise Your Media

From books to DVDs, console games and more, media can take up huge amounts of space in your home for bookworms, movie buffs and avid gamers. Instead of finding space all over your home to store your media, why not create one big media mecca? For example, you could combine a TV unit with display units or media units to create a media centre along one wall of your living room so you’ll have easy access to all the media you could need – and the means to play it!

Slot In Kitchen Storage

Kitchens are one of the key rooms for needing storage so you should make sure that every inch is used to your advantage. There are all kinds of kitchen storage solutions available nowadays but by far the most popular is the thin pull-out cupboard that allows you to store a huge range of pantry essentials that would otherwise have cluttered up your cupboards. 

Bigger Is Better

Your home may not be able to accommodate several different types of storage. Instead, why not consolidate your storage into one area? Similar to our recommendation to create a media centre, a large dresser that stores all of your crockery, cutlery and kitchen equipment can be just as beneficial. Combine a large sideboard or chest of drawers with cupboards and cabinets to create one big storage unit for all of your kitchen and dining equipment to save on multiple cupboards and floor standing cabinets.

Divide & Conquer With Storage

Dividing up your space may seem counterintuitive with smaller homes, but if you have a studio flat or an open plan home, using storage to create unique areas can make your space more enjoyable to use (while creating great storage solutions!). Items such as storage units and sideboards can be strategically placed to define living areas such as between a kitchen and living room or a kitchen and diner. 

Organise Hallway Clutter

We mentioned that shelving is key, but if you simply don’t have space to install shelving, there are other ways to tidy up your hallway. Instead of keeping shoes out in a pile or coats all on one peg, try placing an ottoman along the wall to store the shoes and installing a row of pegs to space out the coats and keep them as flat as possible against the wall. 

Utilise Under-Bed Storage

Investing in storage boxes that can fit under your bed is a great way to make use of otherwise dead space in your home! Many beds already come with drawers fitted in, but if you have a bed frame with clear space underneath, you could use this area to store items such as handbags and shoes.

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