Bouclè: The Textile of 2021

New in: Ellenor 2 seater and 3 seater sofas.

What is Bouclé?

Bouclé is the ultimate trend in the current interior world, creeping up in many of the most aesthetically pleasing Instagram home accounts of 2021. French for ‘loop’, Bouclé is a durable material characterised by its fleecy texture and cosy appeal. It’s a trend resurrected from 1948, when Florence Knoll briefed architect Eero Saarinen to create “a chair that was like a basket of pillows – something she could really curl up in.”

How to style Bouclé:

Whether you’re looking for a cosy chair or full‑sized sofa, Leader Furniture has you covered. Regardless of how you add Bouclé to your home, the addition of this material is a luxury one. Our Ellenor sofa and Ted chair add texture and Scandinavian vibes to any colour scheme, its teddy‑like appearance checks all the necessary boxes: Comfort? Yes. Style? Absolutely. Price? Of course. During the upcoming winter months and dark nights, there’s never a time when we want nothing more than to be warm, cosy and relaxing on cloud‑like fabric. With neutral palettes being a huge trend at the moment, Bouclé accessories prove the perfect addition to chic backdrops. One of the most important tips for neutral schemes is layering textures, and what better way than using furniture celebrated for its texture. Check our Leader Furniture for other on‑trend furniture pieces.

Ted chair

Why buy Bouclé?

For those of you starting off small and not yet ready to commit to replacing your trusty leather sofa with our beautiful Ellenor sofa, the Ted chair is one that no plastic or wooden chair could ever compete. Working from home is now a common practice amongst many of us and calls for an upgrade of that old, outdated home office chair ‑ although this one may make you feel sleepy. With such neutral material, the Ellenor sofa and Ted chair would equally make timeless additions to your interior spaces. Be wary ‑ Bouclé is not suitable for children’s chocolatey fingers or those of you prone to spilling red wine.

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