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Living room seating 01/04/2020
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How much seating should be in your living room?

Getting the right balance between having enough seats for guests and not overcrowding your living room is a difficult task. Think about it,  if you were to host a dinner party, how many people could you fit in your living room?  Before you start to panic, the answer to how many seats you should have in your living room isn’t a fixed number, it all depends on a number of factors but a good rule to follow is… Number of living room seats ≥ Number of dining room seats  Let’s... Read More


Help choosing living room furniture

If you’re thinking of making some new additions to your living room, Leader Stores can help. With such a great deal of choices available to you, it can seem hard to decide where to start. However, don’t fret! We can help you make sense of your options and come to an informed decision.

Leader Stores Home Office 09/12/2014

How To Choose Home Office Furniture For Freelancers

There are certain implications of working freelance and from home that don’t apply if you work at a workplace other than home between the usual hours of nine to five. For example, when working freelance, because you are your own boss, it is more crucial that you motivate yourself to work rather than leave anyone else to do the motivating. Time management can prove especially important here. Below are examples of furniture from Leader Stores that could serve you well in your freelance working life in a home office.