Everything you need to know about the Richmond Verano Rattan Furniture Range

The Richmond Verano Collection is our first choice in garden furniture, carefully designed and manufactured to our own standards and specifications, as an original brand of Leader Stores.

Where Does It All Begin?

It all starts right at the drawing board, with shapes, colours and materials all leading to the final design and aesthetics of the finished product. Once we are happy with the pre-production stage, designs are sent to an overseas manufacturing plant to be developed.

From top to bottom, all of our Verano Furniture Sets are hand woven from the finest of materials by professional fabricators. The materials used to craft these sets give them a premium quality like no other. Once production is complete, the furniture is delivered straight to our warehouse where it is safely stored and protected to retain it’s quality and condition, ready for you.

Being our own brand means we can have any of the Verano Furniture Sets delivered to you by the next working day so you won’t have to wait too long to start making a change to your garden.

What Makes The Difference?

Unlike a lot of garden furniture sets that you may have purchased in the past or seen advertised online claiming to last ‘a lifetime’ our Verano Garden Furniture comes quite close. Built with powder-coated aluminium frames all of our pieces of furniture promote durability and strength increasing weather resistance to a maximum. But it’s not all about what’s on the inside, the most important aspect of rattan furniture, is the rattan weave itself.

Hand-woven Rattan manufacturing processes ensure that the quality doesn’t stop there, with only the best of the best, All-Weather UV Resistant weave complimenting it’s inner frame.

What is UV resistant you ask? UV stands for Ultra Violet usually Ultra Violet Light, otherwise known as Sunlight.  This sunlight resistant weave ensures your furniture won’t lose it’s colour or fade when left to stand in your garden, perfect for use all summer long.

Taking everything into consideration, frame and weave, nothing says comfort like multiple thick cream rainproof cushions to compliment every set. Available in both brown and black weave our Verano Furniture Sets are certain to make a statement in any garden.

Here at Leader Stores we want you to get the best for your money, our Verano Garden Furniture ensures you can do just that.

So Why Choose Verano?

With our Verano Garden Furniture comes an entire collection. From the smaller two seater cube set to the all larger 6 seater cube set, each perfectly designed to cater for all occasions. The Verano range is priced at affordable prices, with top of the range qualities which ensures you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy your garden this summer.

Additionally, Don’t miss out on your FREE Verano outdoor rug, now on offer with every Verano Cannes Furniture set, or take a look at our full range of Forever Rugs found here, with many suitable for outdoor use.

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