How To Look After And Store Vinyl Records

There’s something incredibly satisfying about listening to a record. Records offer a sense of nostalgia like no other, with record players making a bold comeback and taking pride of place in modern homes all around the world.

However, unlike mp3s or the online music streaming devices we’ve become used to, records take some looking after – just the tiniest bit of damage and your beloved tunes can quickly become unlistenable! The right care, storage and cleaning, therefore, is vital to keep your favourite records sounding their best for much longer. 

From vinyl storage to how to handle vinyl, here at Leader Furniture we’re sharing our top tips for looking after your vinyl records. 

How to store vinyl records

Invest in inner and outer sleeves

A record simply placed into a cover is just inviting dust, so protective sleeves are an absolute must. Lots of records, particularly older ones, will come with a paper inner sleeve already present. While better than nothing, a paper inner sleeve doesn’t offer a great amount of protection to your records, as it can bend, tear and damage. 

For the best protection, opt for a poly or poly-lined inner sleeve. These are thicker and hold their shape well, giving the record inside a much higher level of protection. 

Outer sleeves, too, are a must for keeping your records (including covers) overall safe from marks and scratches. Again, poly sleeves are your best bet here. Many new records come with the option to purchase a sleeve with the record, otherwise, sleeves are available to buy individually. Trust us – it’s a small investment that you’ll definitely appreciate years down the line!

Use smart vinyl record storage solutions

One of the most important factors with keeping records clean and safe is the correct storage. If records are left out and about they will not only attract much more airborne dust, but are more likely to fall and become scratched or physically damaged. 

When looking for vinyl record storage locations, opt for somewhere cool, dry and clean. Your records should be stored away from sunlight and humidity, as extreme temperatures and moisture can both damage your records, causing them to warp or bend.

You should also store your records vertically. While it can be tempting to stack records horizontally in order to save space, this can put pressure on them and cause them to warp over time. Bear weight in mind, too; records may not seem heavy on their own but the weight of a collection can quickly stack up, so you need to ensure you’re using heavy-duty vinyl storage that will stand the test of time. 

Cube storage is a great option if you’re looking to store multimedia such as records. Stylish yet functional, this vinyl record storage solution offers a practical way to keep records safe and tidy, while making a modern and stylish impression around the home. If you have an especially large record collection, multi-purpose cube storage is ideal, offering multiple compartments to organise your records, music memorabilia, and even your record player. 

Be careful handling your records

Reaching carelessly for your records is a surefire way to build up damage over time. As all the information is stored on the surface and grooves of your record, something as innocent as a fingerprint could affect the sound quality. 

Always pick up records using the very outer edge of the record, or by the covered inner label, rather than touching the surface directly. Long nails or sharp jewellery can also cause scratches or damage, so take extra consideration if you have long nails or are wearing rings. 

Clean your records

Even with the best storage, handling and care, your records will still require the occasional clean. Dusting is particularly important to keep records playing their best for as long as possible. 

You should regularly wipe down your records with a carbon fibre brush or a microfibre cloth. For simple dusting, use these dry and simply wipe the surface of your record gently. If deeper cleaning is needed, explore specialist record cleaning machines or, for deeper cleaning by hand, you can also invest in cleaning liquids specifically for records. Just remember, when carrying out any kind of cleaning, be sure to handle your records with the utmost care – too much scrubbing could scratch or damage your precious records, doing far more harm than good. 

Whether you’re looking for vinyl record storage or storage solutions for other multimedia, look no further than the Leader Furniture collection. From cube storage to display units, you’re sure to find your new go-to.  

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