Keep Your Garden Healthy in a Heatwave

Keep your garden healthy in a heatwave

We always pray for a heatwave in summer so we can get outside and enjoy the warmth in our garden, but heatwaves can also be pretty damaging if you don’t take proper care of your garden!

  • Water, and plenty of it!
    Plants need access to water to keep them strong and able to fight off any garden pests and diseases. Hydrating your plants requires can require as much or as little time as you like. If you have time, try hand watering your plants using a hose or watering can. If you’re short on time or expect to be away on holiday over the summer, consider installing a garden irrigation system. These systems ensure that your plants get water whenever they need it, even if you’re not around.
  • Maintain your lawn
    Try to leave your lawn a little longer than usual so that the hot weather doesn’t dry out the soil too quickly! Mow the lawn every couple of weeks at least to stop the weeds from cropping up, and try to keep your garden furniture on a patio or decking when not in use to help the grass recover quicker.

  • Stand plants on saucers
    This may sound like a strange tip, but by standing your plant pots on a saucer you make sure that excess water doesn’t drain away, meaning your plants can soak the water up again when they need it most!
  • Throw some shade
    Happy plants require a break from the sun. Especially if you have greenhouse plants, you’ll need to provide some shade for them in the form of greenhouse shading material that allows the good rays in while giving your plants an extra layer of protection from the scorching heat.
  • Pay attention to the wildlife
    It’s not just you and your family that gets to enjoy your garden! Why not install a bird bath to help thirsty birds catch a break in your garden. Make sure you top up the water on a regular basis to make sure it hasn’t evaporated or turned stagnant in the heat. If you have a pond, you may also want to provide a few simple features such as a small plank or a ramp that can help animals stop by for a quick drink without falling in.

Once your garden is prepped for the hottest time of the year, relax on your rattan or metal garden furniture from Leader Stores and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done!

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