Don’t Let The Snow Beat You This Winter!

Don't Let The Snow Beat You This Winter!
Everyone loves the snow… Don’t they?

Snowball fights in the park, sledging on a nearby hill and snowmen, what’s not to like. Despite all the positives, there’s a darker side to snowy weather conditions, and actually, you don’t have to look very far to find that not everyone is as excited waking up to a blanket of snow as most people are.

Snow is a delivery drivers nightmare (trust us, we know they hate it!), with even small amounts bringing transport networks throughout the United Kingdom to a halt and often causing huge delays to deliveries. Sadly, the UK may never be equipped to deal with inclement winter weather (maybe we should get some lessons from Canada!), and if snow brings traffic to a standstill, then unfortunately there’s only so much that can be done.

Make sure you keep up with the weather and plan around it during the cold winter months. You can find live updates of snow and weather warnings for the UK on the official Met Office website.

The best approach for ordering during the cold winter months, is to place orders early and allow for an extra few days to account for any shipping delays. Remember though, even when the snow has gone, couriers may have a backlog of deliveries to get through, which can affect services for days after.

We understand how important your delivery is to you – it’s equally as important to us. That’s why we’ll always get your orders shipped on time, to do anything we can to help minimise delays. We always try to offer accurate delivery lead times on our product pages on the website, but if you’re unsure whether your order would be affected, you can speak with our customer services team to get all the info you require.

You can reach us during office hours Monday – Friday via telephone at 01429 241 270, or you can even speak with us online with our LiveChat. We’re also available 24/7 via email at

Snow Can Cause Hazards To Deliveries

As always, we’ll try to keep you updated with the latest information on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. So if you’ve ordered with us and your not sure if there are going to be delays, please check there before calling us, as you might find the info you’re looking for. This saves any waiting on hold if our lines are busier, as is often the case due to the increase in call volumes during bad weather.

The snow can be a nightmare, but you shouldn’t let it put you off purchasing online. Plan ahead and you should be perfectly fine. Then go out and enjoy the snow, you know you want to.

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