Keep To Your Resolutions with Leader Stores

Sticking to your New Year’s resolutions always seems easier right at the beginning of January, but did you know that most resolutions don’t even last a week? Here at Leader Stores we don’t like to quit so easily and we don’t think you should too! Some of the most common resolutions can be easily kept with just a few simple home adjustments. We’ve got resolution-keeping ideas for all areas of your home, from the bathroom to the kitchen and even the bedroom. Stay strong, keep your resolve and let Leader Stores guide you into a New Year and a brand New You.

Resolution #1 – Get More Sleep


Getting more sleep is always so much easier if you’ve got a comfortable bed! The environment of a bedroom is such an important contribution towards your nights sleep. If you’re surrounded by pleasing decor, you’ll feel much more relaxed and ready for a restful night, so make sure you’ve got the right wallpaper in your bedroom to help you relax. Taking the time to tidy up can also relax your mind ready for a good night’s sleep, so ensuring you have plenty storage such as a wardrobe or chest of drawers, or places to rest smaller items like a bedside cabinet or dressing table can be huge contributors. Of course, the most important contributor towards getting enough sleep is the right mattress.

Resolution #2 – Eat Healthier


One of the biggest contributors towards falling into a poor diet is the kitchen. A cramped or run-down workspace doesn’t encourage you to cook at all, never mind from scratch! By giving your kitchen a complete remodel or even a budget-tightening makeover, you can immediately boost your motivation to spend time preparing healthy meals in your kitchen. Make sure that you worktops look appealing for chopping up ingredients, or install a chic worktop and create a breakfast bar to encourage you to sit and eat breakfast before you leave the house for work. If it’s the thought of cleaning everything up afterwards that puts you off cooking, make the process easier by investing in some splashback laminate for an easier and more encouraging cooking experience.

Resolution #3 – Stick to Your Skincare Regime

Bathroom Sink

We always agree to take better care of ourselves at the beginning of a new year, but old habits die hard and all of those skincare products designed to keep us looking and feeling our best are left to gather dust in the bathroom cupboard. Why not invest in some bathroom units so you can display your toiletries and remind yourself to use them? Sticking to a skincare regime can be made so much easier with the addition of a simple mirrored cabinet above your basin so you can take a proper look at the effect of using (or not using!) your products is having.

What resolutions have you made this year? Can Leader Stores help? Take a look at our full range of home furnishings for some resolution-keeping inspiration.

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