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There is lots of ways you can stay in touch with Leader Stores, whether you’ve purchased from us before, or have just happened to ‘stumble’ across our website when looking for something new for your home or garden. To get a fantastic view of our products and services why not stay in touch via our various social media platforms available to anyone! Each day we post regular business updates, including; product news, sales and exclusive offers, website features, service updates and even general office news…

Stay in the know and keep up to date with everything going on at Leader Stores, Leader Doors and Leader Floors by connecting with us on the following platforms;

Facebook 👍🏻

Everybody uses Facebook right?

Well, maybe not everyone, but let’s say you do. You can ‘like’ our Facebook page when signed into your account to keep up-to-date with the latest offers, product promotions and all things Leader.

Like, share & comment on our posts and connect with other fans of the Leader Stores, Doors & Floors brands.

You can even message us with any questions you may have and leave feedback on our page. If you love competitions and offers, then this one’s for you!

You can connect to us on Facebook by liking our page ‘Leader Stores’.

Twitter 🐦

This one’s for all you Tweeps (We know who you are! 😂).

We regularly tweet out offers, promotions and general Leader updates. Our Twitter account is a useful way for customers looking to get a quick update or a more immediate response. We’ll usually tweet back within minutes so keep in touch with our social media team via our Twitter page if you consider yourself one of the Tweeple.

As with Facebook, you can also send us a direct message if you have any questions, or need any help with an existing order! (Always remember to include your order reference number if you have one.)

You can connect to us on Twitter by following the handle @leader_stores.

Instagram 📸

Let us see your products with the hashtag #leaderstores.

Instagram is wonderfully simple,  just point your camera and upload pictures to share them with your followers.

Instagram for Leader is the perfect way for us to showcase our products and offers to those of you who hate reading text! We regularly post updates on this platform displaying our product images, offering you different ways to see our products in action. We even post customer supplied images, with your permission – so if you have purchased from us and would like to see your products featured, then send them into us or post them yourself using the hashtag #leaderstores.

You can follow our Instagram account using the handle @leaderstores.

Google+ 🔍

Not just a pretty search engine!

While Google Plus may not have the popularity or worldwide renown of Twitter & Facebook, it is still a hugely popular social media platform. Excellent for sharing images, Google+ is used by us to share our fantastic product images, as well as offers and promotions. Google+ is a social network which works as an extension of your Google account. Another great feature of Google+ is that it fully integrates with your full Google suite of apps, including Gmail, YouTube & many others. Share your favourite products with Leader directly on Google+.

You can connect via ‘circles’ and Google+ even allows you to join specific communities to keep your different interests distinctly different and separate.

You can follow Leader Stores by following our page ‘Leader Stores’.

Pinterest 📌

Become inspired & share your ideas. 💡

We love Pinterest! We love seeing our customers, and followers ideas, listed as pins on their favourite boards. Pinterest is great because it can be such a great way to find inspiring ideas such as interior design, product images and even some unique ideas for how and where to use our products.  With such a vibrant and growing community, Pinterest is a fountain of non-stop creativity, which we absolutely love!

You can keep up with our boards and pins by following your favourite Leader Stores boards directly via our profile page here.

If you want to follow everything we share on Pinterest, then just click ‘Follow’ on the top right of our profile page, you’ll then be subscribed to all of our boards!

YouTube 📹

Video is the future, taking images one step further!

We’ve recently launched our very own YouTube Channel, which we’re really excited about. While this is a work in progress for Leader Stores, it’s definitely something we’ll be building on in the near future. We need your help though! Let us know in the comments, email us, or tell us exactly which products you would like to see featured and we’ll try to create more stunning videos so you can see our products like never before. Alongside product videos, we plan to create ‘help & how to’ guides, giving advice and tips for everything from fitting a door to laying a floor!

If you want to keep up with the latest on our YouTube Channel, then please subscribe to it. You can find it by clicking here.

We’re excited about this one. Watch this space. 😉

Don’t forget!

The most important part of our social media network is you guys!

So make sure to like, share, comment, subscribe, follow and everything else you can do to keep our community fresh and live.

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