Upstyle Your Decking This Summer

Upstyle Your Decking This Summer

It’s one thing to say you’d like to put up some decking in the garden, but have you thought about anything further than a single square of decking? We’ve got some great ways that you can upstyle your decking this summer, whether you’re starting from scratch or you’re just looking to improve upon the decking you already have.

Create Multiple Levels
Decking with multiple levels is immediately more interesting to the eye, and allows you to split the decking into different areas. Maybe you’d like a garden area on one level, a space for the kids to play on another? Easily section your gardening simply by adding another step – plus why not use the extra space under higher levels as additional storage space?

Try a Different Shape

Everyone thinks about decking as being square or rectangular – it’s a popular choice because it looks quite neat and traditional and works in pretty much any garden, but if you want your decking to stand out a little why not try a curved edge? It’ll soften the look of the decking area and can give your garden a slightly more designed look.

Add Colour
Decking doesn’t have to be wood coloured, although it does help to add to the natural look of things. Many modern gardeners are opting to paint their decking boards in colours such as neutral grays or bold and bright yellows or blues to make the decking a real standout feature of their gardens.

It’s the little touches that can really make your decking, and your garden as a whole, personal to you. Choose a styled railing kit, add some ambient lighting and choose some garden decorations to feature on the decking to make it a space that’s full of personality rather than a practical bit of wooden decking in the corner of the garden!

Design a Social Space
Think about why you wanted decking in the first place. Most people choose to install decking because they want somewhere to sit and enjoy the rest of their garden without worrying about spoiling the grass. Decking is the perfect place to arrange your garden furniture, set up a bar or even install a hot tub so you can get the most out of your garden for social occasions.

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