Make Your Garden a Social Space

How to Make Your Garden a Social Space

Gardens don’t exist simply to be looked at! During the spring and summer months you’ve probably spent a lot of time perfecting the look of your garden in terms of plants and greenery, so why not get outside and enjoy it in the warm weather? Gardens are a fantastic space for socialising, whether with your family, friends or neighbours! Maybe you don’t feel like it’s quite ready for a party just yet, but don’t worry – we’ve got a few recommendations for creating a social space out of your garden.

Choose a Spot

First things first, think about where you’d like to place your garden furniture. Consider aspects such as the placement and the view. Which areas of the garden receive the most sun and shade? What will you and your guests be looking at? Try to choose somewhere that gives everyone a good view of some of the highlights of your garden.

Take A Seat

The next most important step is to make sure that there’s enough seating, and somewhere for people to eat at too if you’re hosting a barbecue! Our selection of Richmond Verano Rattan Garden Furniture offers you plenty of seating and dining options. Each of our cube sets and dining sets come with comfortable rattan chairs and stools that can be transformed into additional seating should you need it. Of course, if you’re wanting to create a less formal seating arrangement, then our sofa sets may be the right choice for you.

Keep Warm

Guests that are cold won’t want to stay outside. If the temperature drops during your party, make sure that you have a heating backup such as a heat lamp or a chiminea close to hand to keep your guests toasty warm and enjoying the garden long after the sun sets.

Light The Way

If you’re planning on having your gathering last long into the evening you’ll need to make sure that you have outdoor lighting in your garden so your guests can still see each other! We recommend having lighting near your seating, and along any pathways back to the house to keep your guests from tripping over on their way back inside to grab another drink.

We hope that however you choose to socialise in your garden this summer that you’re doing so in style! Take a look at our full collection of rattan garden furniture for some fantastic social space inspiration.

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