How To Choose Garden Structures

How to Choose Garden Structures

Here at Leader Stores we have a huge range of different garden structures that are perfect for upstyling your garden and increasing storage and growing space. Whether you’re looking to create space for your plants to grow with composters and planters or add some additional storage and lounging space with sheds and summerhouses, we at Leader Stores have the perfect garden structures to help you create your very own garden paradise. We’ve put together a list of a few of our favourite garden structures so you can see which structures will suit you.



Garden Planter

Perfect for keeping your plants together in one, presentable location, a planter is great way to improve the appearance of your plants as well as increase the versatility of their location. Simply pick up and move your plants whenever you want to give your garden a fresh new look!

We Recommend: Forest Garden Raised Log Planter



Our greenhouses are ideal for storing and growing your plants throughout the year, no matter if you’re a gardening beginner or a fully fledged expert!  Available in different sizes, you’ll be able to find the right greenhouse for your garden with Leader Stores. For those with a truly green thumb.

We Recommend: Forest Garden Glass House


Ever wondered what an outdoor covered patio was called? It’s a pergola, one of the most popular garden structures for creating a partially covered spot in the summer heat. Pergola roofing is simply a structure that can be used to cover a patio, garden, or deck area in your backyard. A pergola, therefore, covers an area, but largely leaves the area exposed and doesn’t protect it from the elements.

You may have also heard of pagoda. What’s the difference between a pagoda and pergola? Well, a pergola doesn’t have a solid roof designed to fully protect you from weather such as rain, or even direct sunlight. A pergola will often have a lattice or open roof design.


Storage Chest

Storage Chest

If you’re struggling to find a place for your smaller gardening tools, then you may want to consider using a storage chest to keep them all in one place, dry and ready to use at your convenience. Perfect for smaller gardens that require compact storage solutions.

We Recommend: Forest Garden Tool Chest


Garden Shed

For those with larger gardens (and therefore larger gardening equipment!), a garden shed is the perfect storage solution for you. All you tools and equipment can be kept safe and dry in one convenient place ready to use whenever you need it. One of the most common garden structures available, sheds are considered a must-have item for garden lovers!

We Recommend: Forest Garden Bike Store


Swing Hammock

Swing Hammock

Swing hammocks are an ever-popular garden structure that make a perfect addition to a larger garden. A calming and relaxing place to sit, place a swing hammock in the corner of your garden then sit back and appreciate the scenery.

We Recommend: Alexander Rose Mahogany Swing Seat with Canopy



To really make the most of a large garden, why not go for a larger garden structure such as a summerhouse? An idyllic place to sit while you appreciate your garden in the summer months.

We Recommend: Forest Garden Maplehurst Summerhouse

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