Lighting Your Living Room This Christmas

When it comes to creating the perfect Christmas atmosphere in your home, choosing the right lighting is essential. Whether your home favours a modern, contemporary or traditional style, there’s always room for some traditional Christmas festivity with our range of traditional lighting. Consider lighting for the outside of your home, the hallway and most importantly the living room, where all the Christmas magic happens! The right lighting can change the mood of a room, keeping things cosy or bright as and when you need it to, and can really put your family and guests at ease throughout the festive period. We’ve put together some of our favourite seasonal suggestions for lighting your home this Christmas…


Imagine your family and guests arriving on Christmas Eve in the dark evening with (hopefully!) crisp snow underfoot, and a beautiful lantern guiding their way right to your front door. It’s a picture perfect image that’s right out of a Christmas card, and you can turn it into a festive reality by choosing one of our lantern lighting products for your front porch.



The entranceway to your home is the first impressing your guests get of your home’s theme, and of course the theme should be Christmas! Choosing traditional styles of lighting is the simplest way to introduce a festive aesthetic into your home, so depending on the size of your hallway you have two options. If your hallway has a high ceiling, why not try a small but tasteful hanging chandelier-style pendant light in polished brass to invite feelings of warmth into your home. If the ceiling is too low to hang a pendant light, try wall lights in a traditional antique brass candle-holder style to light the way into your home for your guests.

Traditional Wall Light

Living Room

To create that perfectly dimmed and cosy look in your living room for Christmas morning you don’t just have to rely on the lights on the tree. Choosing some well placed table lamps can really add to the atmosphere (and give you a chance at seeing your presents properly!). Traditional styled lamps are the best for conveying the Christmas theme, but whichever style you prefer we recommend that you choose a table lamp with a shade, as the shade gives the room a glow rather than a harsh light.

Table Lamp

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