Get a brand new fireplace, just in time for Christmas!

Christmas PresentsGo on, treat yourself! The colder months have crept up on us all again. Make sure you and your family are nice and cosy this Christmas with a brand new fireplace from Leader Stores.

What do we stock?

We stock a range of wall mounted fires, inset fireplaces, free-standing fires, and accessories.

Leader Store’s wall mounted fires are ideal for more modern or contemporary homes, whilst our inset gas fires are available in a range of traditional and modern designs. In either case we have something to suit every budget.

Free-standing fires are a more mobile heating solution – perfect for parties, events, or for life on the go. We also stock site and greenhouse heaters, the former perfectly suited for commercial environments.

Safety first

You and your family’s safety is always important, and that’s particularly true at Christmas! Any form of fire damage is going to cost, and any injuries (or worse) are the last thing you want at Christmas time.

Make sure to keep all decorations away from any naked flames, especially those that hang or trail. Turn off any electrical decorations when you’re not in the room, and especially when you go to bed, in order to further reduce the risk of fire.

When wrapping or unwrapping presents, keep the paper well away from the fire, if you do need to have it on. When unwrapping, put all paper straight into a rubbish bag to avoid getting distracted before you can safely remove it from the room.

If your Christmas revolves around the kids this year, make sure they are supervised at all times when your fire is on. The same goes for any pets. Even better, buy a fire or heater guard, for complete peace of mind.

For more information on our fireplaces, heaters, or ensuring fire safety in your home this Christmas, feel free to contact our friendly and helpful team on 0845 054 3500.

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