Make enough space for a shower by installing a bath screen

Here at Leader Stores, we are proud of the wide range of shower enclosures that we offer – but we also realise that not all of the people who peruse what we offer will have space in their homes for a stand-alone shower enclosure. This does not mean that they will have to forget about enjoying daily showers – they can instead opt for the wonderful little bathroom accessory called the bath screen.

When might someone lack space for a shower?

Individual shower enclosures tend to be large and spacious. One downside of this is that they can often only be practically installed in modern homes where the bathrooms have been built to be sufficiently large to contain such enclosures alongside separate bathtubs. Yes, you could be paying a price for living in that beautiful historical home that was first built in the eighteenth century…

One potential solution to this dilemma is simply installing a shower unit above the bathtub and then putting in place a shower curtain to prevent the water from the shower falling outside the bathtub. However, this curtain can look unsightly, especially when it gets wet. It can also be inconvenient when, after getting wet, it sticks to the shower user’s body. We would therefore recommend that the shower unit is kept, but the curtain is replaced with a bath screen from Leader Stores.

The merits of a bath screen from our range

We offer a broad choice of bath screens, and any of these purchased from Leader Stores can be easily fitted to the wall running along the bathtub’s width. The transparency of a bath screen can give it a more subtle and neat look than a shower curtain, as you can see for yourself by looking at our website’s photos of various bath screens set up in bathrooms.

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