Things to consider when choosing lounge lighting

Lighting can completely change the character of a room. A living room or lounge is a place where various different activities happen, with families spending hours and hours with each other every week. Let’s take at some of the main things to consider when choosing lounge lighting.

  1. Existing Layout: Your choice in lighting should be a good match for your existing décor and furniture. If your layout is rustic in nature, you should opt for something that also has a classic, timeless appearance. If your room has a modern feel, contemporary lighting products are likely to be a great match.
  1. How much lighting you need: What are the main activities that take place in your room? If the room plays host to children playing or activities such as reading, you will need to make sure that lights are bright enough to accommodate these.
  1. Ambience: If lights are overly bright, people can start to feel tense. If lighting is too dark, people can struggle to focus on what they are doing and may find it difficult to communicate with each other. Dim lighting can help us to relax, but it can sometimes be impractical. If certain areas require more lighting than others, you can place lights accordingly.
  1. Floor or table lamps? Floor and table lamps can be switched on and off whenever you need them without overall ambience levels being compromised. Lamps are very flexible and can be moved around with ease. Floor lamps can add light to dark corners.
  1. Colours: If your lounge has a contemporary feel, clean white lights can be an ideal match whereas softer lighting tends to be perfect for less modern-looking settings.
  1. Style of lighting? Ceiling lights are a striking modern option but they are not suited to all rooms. Dimmer switches can help you stay in control of a room’s ambience, whilst wall lights can make a room seem bigger.

If you need help choosing lighting for your lounge, get in touch with us today. Our experts have the experience, creativity and knowledge to help you make an informed choice on living room lighting.

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