Affordable DIY Christmas Decorations

It’s easier to make your own Christmas decorations than you might think (you can even make your own Christmas presents!), and there are also many things you can do to existing decorations to make them truly personal. Many people opt to make their own wreaths. There are many articles online that will guide you through the process and help you create something truly unique. Adding extra colour to pinecones is another popular idea, and you may wish to dip them in paint or add glitter to them. You can create your own mistletoe using felt and can even add items such as pearls.

Have you considered creating your own bows to wrap around dining room chairs? It’s relatively easy to create these too, and you may even wish to add small festive ornaments to them. Oven-dried orange slices are another popular choice and can be used as tree ornaments or as a table centrepiece. You can also use lemons and limes.

Why not consider using old Christmas cards to create a festive garland? It may be a little late now, but homemade advent calendars featuring treats of your own choice could be a good idea for next year.

Christmas lanterns can be created from old tin cans, and you can create small decorations from Christmas tree offcuts and place them around the home. You can use excess food to create some decorations. Pasta bows can be painted and tied together with string to create an extra decoration for the tree. Why not add glitter or spray paint to baubles or consider adding your own festive message to them?

Some people decide to create their own decorations for many reasons. You might create your own decorations in order to give the kids something to do, or may have left it too late to buy new decorations. Whatever the case, DIY Xmas decorations allow you to be truly creative, and you can even use them again during next year!

Some of the best decorations and presents are homemade. Give it a try!

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