Have you considered buying bamboo flooring?

There are several different types of flooring available from Leader Stores, and you could see good reasons to purchase flooring in many of these categories. However, you might not know so much about benefits of buying bamboo flooring – especially if you lack knowledge even of bamboo, the plant that this flooring is manufactured from. Below are some of what we consider the best incentives for buying bamboo flooring.

It can help to make your house look different

Contrary to popular belief, bamboo is not a tree, but instead a grass plant. Therefore, it looks very different to commonly used hardwood floorings. This can make it especially apt if you want your house to look attractive, but still at least that bit different from nearby residences. Another plus is that bamboo floorboards are easy to match as they are uniform in colour.


It is clearly convenient for any flooring you buy for your home to remain in useable condition for a lengthy period of time, as this can ensure that your money goes further and it will be longer before you have to spend time and money replacing that flooring. Bamboo flooring is tougher than most flooring of standard hardwood, and is also very water-resistant – making it ideal for use in parts of the house, like the kitchen and the bathroom, where water spillages are likelier.

It’s eco-friendly!

There are good reasons why bamboo is great for the environmentally conscious. One is that, as it is a grass plant instead of a tree, it matures more quickly and so is more renewable. Another is that, because the flooring is highly resilient, it is not necessary to use as many chemicals to regularly maintain its condition through cleaning and repairing.

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