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Wall Lights

Regardless of theme, a Wall Light is a classic addition to any room. Whether you're looking for a interior, exterior or something that can do both; we are sure we have something for you within our vast collection and ranges at Leader Stores.

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Almost every room can be of benefit from a Wall Light, whether it be a subtle or bold addition to a room there is a design for everyone. With over 5000 Lights collectively we make sure to have various different themes and ranges available so you can create your ideal home design.

Varied IP Ratings

Not all Wall Lights are designed just for the inside of your home, many are created with the intention of withstanding the elements whether it be in a pool, a garden or perhaps on a coastal front. Many of our Suppliers use an IP Rating system to determine how well sealed and protected the Light is, you'll find Coastal Collections from Elstead Lighting for example offer very high IP Ratings which mean it is resistant to water and dust build-up.

Recessed design

Some of our Wall Light Suppliers such as LEDS C4 offer Recessed Lights – basically the light is inside the wall so you don't lose the room space! With a secure box to be fitted into you can be sure no lose wiring is present as well as making it easier to move the room around without risk of bumping into it. But take care of where you place it, removing it will mean the wall needs sealing up again.

Directional Lights

Typically people expect a Wall Light to provide a dim up-light and a bright down-light effect, but some designs make it better to have the Wall Light lower down as it creates a larger up-light than usual. This lets you create more interesting designs in particular for outdoor or garden areas as the light can then be combined into a design feature rather than be sat around it as lamps would be. Looking for complete control? take a look at the flexible lighting from Firstlight that uses LEDs in a variety of colours to create impressive designs.

If you have any concerns about IP Rating or the potential use of a Wall Light, please contact our Sales Team who will advise you on your specific situation. We work hard to ensure we have a choice for everyone, if you find a Wall Light you'd like to match with other types of Light we can help you locate suitable pairs and remember all Lighting orders have Free Delivery at Leader Stores.