Top 10 Home Design Trends 2018

Here at Leader Stores, we’re here to help you out with all things home design. Whether you’re looking to freshen up your home with brand new furniture or give the garden a makeover, we’ve got everything you need to create your dream home.

However, we know that home interior trends change all the time, and if you’re going to stay ahead of the curve you need to keep a close eye on the trends that are predicted for the year ahead! Your home evolves over time, so the interior design research can sometimes seem as though it’ll never end – but with so many ideas to keep coming back to, you needn’t feel overwhelmed when it comes to making those big interior design decisions.

We’ve put together a list of the top home design trends predicted to be the most popular in 2018 to take some of the heavy lifting out of your research…

  1. Statement Ceilings

This year, it’s time to look up. Statement ceilings are becoming more and more popular, with design trends seeing homeowners paint their ceilings with a bold coloured paint or patterned wallpaper.

  1. Mixed Metallics

One of the best ways to make your metallics stand out even more is to mix them with statement colours and textures. The mixed metallics trend sees metallics such as gold and copper mixed with wood or bold colours to make a design statement in your home.

  1. 70s Terrazzo

Design trends often come back around, and 70s home interiors are making a big comeback in 2018. One of the biggest 70s design influences to make a reappearance is 70s terrazzo. Add a 70s touch to your home interiors by adding terrazzo accents around your home such as on kitchen worktops or shower walls.

  1. Patterned Plants

In 2017, we loved a house plant, but in 2018, even the plants are expected to up their game. One of the top home trends of 2018 will be the patterned plant. Interior designers will be looking for plants with unusual patterns or textures to continue the greenery trend of 2017 in their homes with a fresh new twist.

  1. Big Wall Art

2018 is all about filling those blank spaces. Instead of gathering lots of small posters and photographs together, interior designers are favouring large wall art that covers up entire walls and spaces in one or two pieces.

  1. Bone Inlay

Perfect for traditional or exotic styled homes, furniture with bone inlaid tiles make beautiful statement pieces. Most often found on dressers and bedside tables, bone inlay is a fabulous way to showcase geometric design in your home. The best part is that bone inlay is something you can apply to your existing furniture yourself, perfect for those looking for an on-trend DIY project.

  1. Herringbone Patterns

Whether on your flooring or tiling, herringbone patterns are reigning supreme for interior design in 2018. Herringbone patterns are perfect for creating a contemporary look in your home. Choose white herringbone tiles for your kitchen or bathroom and indulge in herringbone wood floors for your living room or hallway to best take advantage of this 2018 home interior trend.

  1. Spa Bathrooms

Your bathroom should be a place to relax, and what could inspire relaxation more than a spa inspired bathroom? Spa bathrooms are going to be huge in 2018, with homeowners wanting to create that resort feel from home so they can unwind whenever they need to most. Create a staycation vibe by adding rattan, greenery and plenty of candles to your bathroom.

  1. Coloured Doors

A beautiful touch for the modern home, coloured doors are a great way to make a style statement both inside and outside of your home. The big colour for internal doors in 2018 is grey – the grey makes all the other colours in your room work even harder, making those soft pinks and metallic accents even more stunning in your home. For external doors, why not try jewel tones such as a bold fuchsia or turquoise?

  1. Sage

After featuring as one of Pantone’s colours of the year in 2015, Sage Green has become increasingly popular as the new neutral in recent years. Fabulous for neutral walls or kitchen counters, sage blends perfectly with neutral palettes and can be brought to life with contrasting colours such as mauve, medium blue and blush.

Whichever design trends take your fancy for 2018, we can help you to achieve your interior design goals at Leader Stores.

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