Turn the Heat Up in Your Home

Keeping the heat in your home during winter can be crucial to surviving the higher heating bills! During the first couple of months of the year, you’ll find that the winter weather still has you rushing to turn the heating up high when you get in from work, and unless your house is properly prepared and insulated, households end up losing a lot of heat which results in costing yourself unnecessarily high heating bills. To avoid getting a nasty shock when the gas bill comes, we have a few recommendations for keeping your home cosy in the colder months, and they won’t come in harm during the warmer months either! From structural basics to decor tips, here at Leader Stores we’re committed to helping you get the most out of your home whatever the weather.


While you might have chosen the right carpet to match the decor and style of your home interiors, have you considered their insulative purposes? Adding carpets to each room of your home can dramatically increase the amount of heat that stays within your home. Most of this thermal insulation can actually be attributed to the underlay. Underlay is vital in keeping heat in and cold out, so the more carpets in your house, the more underlay, the more heat stays inside.

Carpet Underlay


Building on the insulative effect of carpets, if you can’t lay a carpet in a room or hallway, you should consider a rug or carpet runner. Rugs act in the same way as carpets, acting as a barrier between the heat escaping and the cold coming into your home.

Floral Rug


Make sure that you have solid internal and external doors that, when closed, minimise cold moving around your home and increase the amount of heat that stays inside.

Wooden Door

Insulating your house works in the same way as insulating yourself from the cold! Providing your house with layers and barriers between you and the cold, your indoor heating shouldn’t need to work as hard to heat the house up which will save you plenty of pennies when it comes to paying the gas bill.

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