Decorate Your Home on a Budget this Christmas!

Christmas PresentsChristmas is a very expensive time for everyone, no matter what your budget! Money spent on presents, cards, and food can easily add up, leaving you with little remaining for anything else.

You still want your home to look nice and festive, though! Luckily, Leader Stores have come up with a few tips to get your home ready for Santa when you’re on a budget.

Get crafty
Round up your younger relatives (or those still young-at-heart), and make your own decorations! Create paper snowflakes by cutting paper circles folded into sixths.  It’s easy, cheap, and each one is bound to turn out differently, just like real snowflakes!

Buy inexpensive clear tree ornaments in bulk, and paint them with acrylic paint or glitter. Let the kids run wild with their own designs, or go for a more refined look by keeping the paints to yourself.

Cheap chandelier crystal can be bought in bulk and hung on a ribbon to create a unique wall hanging or tree ornament. The only limit is your imagination!

Ask around
This one is simple – just ask your friends and family if they have any unwanted or unused Christmas decorations. People often overbuy tinsel and baubles, so it’s worth a try!

Don’t snub discount shops
Discount and pound shops are perfect for a quick fix when it comes to Christmas decorations. The quality may not match up to pricier stores, but they’re ideal if you’ve left everything till the last minute, or have already gone over your budget.

Keep it simple
Don’t feel pressured to go the whole hog this year. Sometimes simple really is best! If you’re feeling a bit more minimalistic this year, stick to no-fuss decorations such as electric candles and stockings for much less hassle in the run up to the big day.

Don’t be afraid to reuse
No one will notice if you reuse the same decorations from last year, trust us! Why not just think of creative new ways to use them?

For more advice on decorating and furnishing your home this Christmas, don’t be afraid to contact our friendly team on 0845 054 3500.

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