The Guide To Outdoor Lighting This Summer!

Those long warm summer nights are here again and there is nothing better than spending the time you have time outdoors.

But what is an outdoor area without outdoor lighting? Exactly the question we’re looking at, so we have put together a simple guide to buying the perfect lights this summer.

A few things to think about before looking for the right lighting is what you are wanting to achieve when adding external lights to your property. Whether you are looking to create a relaxed comfortable space for outside dining and entertaining guests, a subtle low light area for personal relaxation or to simply give your property an added sense of security you can be sure to find the right light to do so.

Being aware of your surroundings

To ensure you can achieve the right effect with your lighting you need to take a look at the area in which you are going to be adding light. Is it a smaller enclosed space, which may only need one or two lights? Is it a driveway, where you may want to add quite a few of the same type of light? Or perhaps you’re looking to brighten up a whole property with various kinds of different lighting.

Below we take a look at some of the more common types of lighting for various settings.

Accent Lighting

A more popular and creative style of lighting, accent lighting is used to add a sense of atmosphere and feeling to a space, giving an impression of drama, mystery, excitement or tranquillity. This form of lighting gives you more control over how your property looks not only to yourself but to others. Additionally, Accent Lighting, as titled, is perfect for drawing attention to a certain spot or attraction on your property such as sign posts, trees & plants, furniture or garden structures.

Task Lighting

The productive or ‘required’ form of lighting, Task Lighting is more suited for use in practical cases where lighting and visibility is priority. An excellent example of this would be when entering a lowlight area such as shed or garage, where a light that is triggered by movement provides the visibility you need. More so, wall lights and most fixed lights are considered a ‘task’ light when situated above a doorway or close to the entrance of your home, providing a welcoming atmosphere for your visitors.

Security Lighting

Just as it seems, Security Lighting is more of a necessity rather than a luxury to have at home. Having a sense of security can do just the trick to give yourself a piece of mind and add comfort to your property. Triggered usually by movement with integrated sensors, Security Lighting can be effectively used to illuminate a large space of area warding off any uninvited company. With most lights having built in detectors you may want to think about placing your Security Lighting at the appropriate height from the ground, around 2m would suffice, giving you a wider area of light.

Finding the right light for you

After taking into consideration the location and area where you look to add light there are a few different aspects to consider to ensure you find the right light.

Size – If you’re looking to light up a smaller, confined area it would be best to go with a smaller light such as a task light (wall light, spotlight, or smaller accent light). However for those larger open spaces there are considerable amounts of bigger lights to suit.

Design – Personal preference plays a big part in the design and use of your light with more than enough colours, patterns and finishes to select. For example, where some lighting may look presentable and stylistic it may not be the right lighting for security purposes, where a more dominant reassuring design would deter any unwanted visitors.

IP Rating – You may ask what is an ‘IP Rating’, which is a very good question. An IP Rating is applicable to all outdoor and bathroom lighting where a light fitting may be affected by weather or water/humidity and dust.

The right bulb for the job

When it comes to finding the right bulb for your lighting the decision can sometimes be as thoughtful as choosing the light. With the bulb fitting being the main aspect, it is wise to ensure that the bulb you purchase is going to safely fit in the light as intended. For lights that come as standard with no bulb, a clear label on the side of the box will direct you toward the correct one.

However for more custom or obscure styled lighting the bulbs may not be as standard as your usual ceiling light where in which case a bulb may be provided with purchase.

Important: Check your bulbs are suitable for external use when using outdoor lights.

Creating the perfect look

You’ve choose your light(s) and are ready to create that outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of. So where to start? If you’re looking to fit just a single light with a simple fitting and are confident of doing so, find the right spot and enjoy your brand new light.

For multiple lights with more complex fittings it is recommended to consult with an electrician to ensure the safest and best possible outcome.

Choose your light today

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