4 DIY tips to lower your heating bill this winter

Gary Murray DIY TipsHi there! I’m Gary, a team leader here at Leader Stores. I thought I’d write this blog to shine a light on one of the problems that many people have at this time of year: keeping their home warm without breaking the bank.

Believe it or not, there are many effective ‘DIY’ ways of lowering your heating bills at this time of year – including…

  1. Putting tin foil behind your radiators

Just by attaching foil to the wall behind your radiators with wallpaper glue or sticky tape, keeping the shiny side as close to the radiator as possible, you can ensure a warmer home. That’s because heat is reflected back into the room rather than being allowed to escape through the walls.

  1. Insulating your fireplace

Warning: this tip is strictly for those who don’t use their chimneys. Insulating your fireplace need be no more complicated than stuffing the opening with cardboard or newspaper to ward off those unwanted draughts.

  1. Keeping all of your doors closed

This is an easy measure to understand – it’ll retain more heat in the parts of your home that you actually need to be heated, rather than rooms that you aren’t even using. For the same reasons, shut your curtains at night to shield your rooms from the cold air.

  1. Insulating your windows, doors and floors

Those gaps under the doors and windows and even through the letterbox cause loads of cold air to flood into your home. Investing in some draught excluder seal for your windows and doors could therefore be a very wise decision indeed.

What tips have worked well for heating your own home cheaply? Feel free to leave a comment below!


  • Lisa

    Thanks, Gary. I’m going to give numbers 1 (tin foil behind the radiator – never heard of this before!) and 2 (should have done this a lot earlier) a try. It’s extremely cold at the moment…


  • Hi, thanks for the tips. they are really money saving ones. additionally, programmable thermostats works too if we dont forget to lower 😉