FREE Next Day Delivery on UK orders!

Christmas Day is just days away, and we consider it likely that you have completed most of your Christmas shopping by now. However, it is possible that you are still endeavouring to get your hands on some home improvement products for people you know – and save as much time and money as you can in the process. You are, after all, likely to have time and money in especially short supply at the moment. Does this mean that buying from our shop is, as it is an online shop, unwise for getting festive presents? Not at all, thanks to our policy of FREE next day delivery on most products.

You really can inexpensively get items from our shop in time for Christmas

Often, buying from an online store means having to wait several days before you can physically hold what you have bought. This can make buying from such a store unwise if you want to buy for the approaching Christmas Day.

Still, can we at Leader Stores really get items – even particularly large items – to your home in time for that big day? And can you actually save much money in the process? The answer to both questions is… yes, we can. Read on to learn more about why.

Satisfy the relevant criteria and you can enjoy a great Christmas

You can learn a lot more about our FREE delivery policy by heading to the bottom of the Leader Store website and clicking on ‘Delivery Policy’ under the ‘Information’ header. Through doing this, you can learn what criteria you need to meet in order to benefit from this policy and from great value products that arrive in time for you to lovingly wrap them up!

Basically, place your order on or before 22 December 2014 and you can expect to receive what you ordered in time for Christmas Day. The next day delivery policy can be used for products which we have in stock and are readily available for dispatching through use of a next day delivery service. Make sure that your order ticks all of the right boxes and Christmas can be more fun for you and whoever you buy home improvement products for.

Merry Christmas and happy 2015!

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