Enjoy a hot shower this winter with the help of Leader Stores

Regularly washing in a shower is not only effective for maintaining good personal hygiene; it can also be wonderfully relaxing. With the cold winter now upon us, having a nice, hot shower is a great tonic after a hard day at work – or a great way to wake yourself up on a morning! Many people around the world actually prefer to clean themselves through using a shower instead of a bath. However, a good shower for your home must have some type of barrier to prevent water spraying outside the showering area. Below, we suggest reasons for you to use Leader Stores to buy a shower with a glass door rather than a curtain.

It can be especially attractive financially

Both immediately and in the longer term, purchasing a glass door shower from Leader Stores can save you cash. There are several crucial reasons why. One is that a strong shower door can last a lot longer than a shower curtain before replacing it becomes necessary. Such a door is also typically easier to wash than such a curtain; the latter can attract mould, while the former just needs a touch glass cleaner and a rag or sponge in order to be cleaned.

Also worth considering here is the price promise of Leader Stores. We already have a dedicated team that checks thousands of prices daily to help to ensure that the prices we charge are as low as we can make them. However, our team can still sometimes overlook a price online that betters what we charge for the same product. As part of our price promise, we pledge to – should you find a lower price elsewhere online for one of the glass door showers that we offer – endeavour to, where possible and subject to particular conditions, both match and beat that price.

Showers with glass doors can look especially apt in modern homes

If your home has been built in a modern design, a shower curtain could stand out in an undesirable way. You are less likely to find a glass door on a shower to stand out like this.

Leader Stores offers a big variety of glass door showers

The glass door showers that we offer come in a large range of designs. Hence, you are likely to find, among our stock, a glass door shower that seems especially appropriate for you. You can easily see how showers that we offer differ in appearance by browsing our website or our showroom in Hartlepool. Hartlepool is located in North East England and has direct train connections to the nearby major settlements of Newcastle and Middlesbrough.

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